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Wild Ginger Landscape Design can work with any budget or garden size. We hope our wide range of design services can meet the needs of your garden.

1. Formal landscape design for a garden or an entire property

Wild Ginger can work with you to plan a landscape that fits the needs of your property, the style of your home, and the existing conditions.  This is a thorough, thoughtful process that involves multiple meetings, many sketches, and a formal planting plan.

2. A one time, 1-2 hour landscape design consultation

If you have a small garden, you may just need a simple design and ideas about which plants to choose for your yard.

3. Garden coaching

After a successful new garden installation, Wild Ginger offers tips on the care of the plants.  When and how to prune the new shrubs, the timing of flower removal, how to get the garden ready for the following spring growth, and how to minimize weeds are some of the many helpful instructions available.

4. Installation coordination

Wild Ginger can assist in requesting and reviewing bids from professional landscape installation companies for the final project, coordinating the procurement of the plants, and supervising the layout and planting on installation day.

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