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Let Wild Ginger Landscape Design help you create your dream garden.


This fabulous spring-flowering shrub grows in moist shady spots.

Wild Ginger Landscape Design is in business to help anyone who wants to make a beautiful garden.  Many people already love gardening but don’t know how to start thinking about the design process or know which plants to use. We’re here to hold your hand and get you started.

There are other homeowners who just want to update their old landscaping but don’t have time or interest in gardening. This is more of a challenge, but we understand that many people are very busy.  We can design a landscape for your home that will be easy to maintain.

Please call to inquire about how Wild Ginger can guide you along the steps to a stunning new landscape.




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  1. Anonymous #
    September 22, 2016

    Do you offer monthly maintenance service as well as design?

  2. Rovenia Mutcherson-Manor #
    April 5, 2021

    I’m a UMD alum. I sent an inquiry to the landscape arch dept to track down a local referral. My dad lives in SS and he’s looking for help designing a deer UNfriendly outdoor space. I’d love to talk with you and maybe get you over to his house.

  3. Rand Ruggieri #
    April 26, 2021

    I live at 9019 woodland drive and hot your contact from our wood side park listserv

    I have some drainage challenges and would love to get help with the MoCo rainscape program.

    My cell is 301-706-3343

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